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We provide quality search engine optimization services for a variety of companies of all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re an enterprise looking for something highly competitive or a small business hoping to get more business online, our India SEO solutions are the right fit. Learn more about our offering below or check out one of our specialized services.

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Enter. Search. Find! That is the way with the internet and the millions of users who seek refuge in it to find information. Internet gives information at your fingertips only because of search engines. Without SEs it would be difficult to access information at such a rapid pace. With search engines looming large over the internet arena, it becomes essential to establish your brand visibility in search engines. Here's where search engine marketing or SEM plays a crucial role in today's business world.

SEO Services Group is one of the leading service providers of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) in India. We provide affordable and expert SEM services to our clients. Our strategies are non-traditional and out-of-the-ordinary. We out beat the competition clutter with ethical and effective SEM techniques. With hands on experience in Search Engine marketing for years, we have the right potential and caliber to meet all your SEM needs.

What Is Search Engine Marketing?

SEM is a process which involves optimizing and marketing a website online. Otherwise called as Internet Marketing, SEM improves your products or services' online visibility and increases your SE ranking. It catapults your traffic inflow and generates valuable and potential business leads to your site. Search Engine Marketing services include search engine optimization and internet marketing.

Our Vantage Point In SEM

SEO Services Group has the value advantage of being one of the premier companies providing search engine marketing in India. Our SEM processes are cost-effective and result-oriented. Focused on long term benefits, our solutions are ethical and do not comprise of any black hat SEO techniques. They assist you to improve your online visibility and promote your business products or services in the internet medium.

Our Process

After thorough keyword analysis and site analysis, we begin on-page optimization for the site. While the on-page optimization is in progress, we start working on off-page optimization like link building, marketing and promotion etc. Then, we reach out to your target group through several online marketing techniques and boost your traffic inflow. In short, we target the right keywords and the right audience.

SMO helps in getting quality inbound links.



We, at e Trade Services, offer Social Media Optimization and Social Network Marketing Services. Our services are designed to help companies in creating brand and then advertising their services & products through online social network, social media, and online community sites.

Weekly Reporting

Our weekly reports allow you to stay on top of the progress being made in your link building initiatives. We generate these reports to display the progress and status of the project and to prove that work is actually being done. Many organizations do not provide actual reports of the work being done which raise the question over whether or not work is actually being accomplished. With weekly reports, you can find out exactly what is being done to improve the search engine optimization efforts of your website.

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